question about Kx's AF system

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Re: question about Kx's AF system

There has been a lot of confusion on this subject so I'm glad you made this post!

matsuchung wrote:

i apologize if this question has been answered previously...

i see a lot of negative posts about the lack of AF confirmation indicators in the VF, but someone mentioned that "K-x does have focus CONFIRMATION in the viewfinder, just like the K-m. It's the green hexagon at the bottom.
The K-x shows the active focus points on the LCD display"

No DSLR has AF-point confirmation indicators - they only have AF-point indicators - when the red LEDs light up, it does not mean it is in focus, it means its trying to focus there. The green hex is the confirmation indicator.

does the green hexagon have a indicator? like when I move the focus point around, does the indicator in the green hexagon move around at the same time?

As far as we know, it does not have an indicator to let you know which focus point it focused to.

say if I'm in a garden, and I want to focus on a particular flower at the far left, how would this be done with Kx? do I have to turn on live view and select the AF point and get a confirmation on the LCD? or can I move the AF point around without turning Live View on and get a confirmation in the info bar of the viewfinder showing the far left point/area is in focus?

No no no, you do not need to use live-view. You look at the rear LCD, push ok, shows a grid of the viewfinder with dots for possible focus points. You select one, hit OK again, and go back into the viewfinder and having just seen the overlay of the viewfinder and where the focus points are, hopefully you will remember which one you selected. Select a AF point on the left, go into the viewfinder, line that up with the flower, focus, (recompose), and shoot.

You will not get a confirmation in the viewfinder showing you which point is in focus. Since you need to look at the rear LCD to change the focus point anyway, even on cameras that have LED indicators, I don't see this as a big deal.

If you want to frame an exact section of an object and use the LED AF point to line up exactly like on other DSLRs, the LED is significantly than the real AF-point and that little spot that lights up does not guarantee that is the most in focus, but the area around it is. With a simple viewfinder like the K-x, you will know what area is in focus having just selected the AF-point in the viewfinder.


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