can your zoom lens do this?

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does fujinon make a pocket cam ultra-zoom model? LOL.

EleventhSphere wrote:

Let's assume it is a Fujinon XA88x8.8BESM, which features 88x zoom
1:1.7 (8.8 ~ 348 mm) [with doubler] 1:3.8 (777 mm)

See the specs at:

yeah, EleventhSphere... looks something like that. but, to my eyes, it certainly dint look that new. if i had to guess, maybe at least five years old, maybe as much as eight or nine. so, prolly the model before the XA88x8.8 BESM?

when was at&t park completed? was it 2003? something like that, so prolly new when they moved into the park. the specs are pretty fascinating. i tried to google what one of these would cost.

all i got were e-mail prompts to inquire for sales, and a rental sheet w/ specs (no rental rate) from somewhere in chelsea NYC i think.

anyways, crazy stuff. thanks for the specs link. i can't even imagine it w/ the doubler on. i'll bet a full-size pick-up truck would prolly fill the horizontal axis of the frame from more than a half mile away?! i'll bet i could be doing some great birding and wildlife shooting in canada... right from my rooftop here in san fran. LOL.

omg. does fujinon make a pocket cam ultrazoom model? heh heh. just funnin'.

don't think i posted this one yet, so here's sergio romo busting my lens. i swear he will be a closer in less than three years. i dunno for who... but his stuff convinces me that he will be.

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