I CALLED CANON asking 5D Mk II Improvements - Guess what?!

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Re: I CALLED CANON asking 5D Mk II Improvements - Guess what?!

Hi Ald_2k, etal,

Thanks for the heads up about this effort, I think it's a worthwhile pursuit that will not surprise me when it helps bring results! I say this as I just attended the HDExpo in NYC this past week and had the opportunity to meet personally with Canon reps and attend the Canon presentation, as well. The hot topic of the day (being an Hi-Def expo, after all) was not only the future of the HD DSLR form (i.e. 7D and beyond) but also, very much, how very interested the working professionals in Manhattan (and the tri-state area) were to see yet another upgrade to their existing 5D Mark II's. I think Canon got the message loud and clear that day.

In fact Canon just recently conducted an online survey of their own asking 5D Mark II owners what further improvements they would like to see with this camera...very telling, indeed. I think Canon has gotten over the initial shock value of the popularity and demand of the HD capabilities of their 5D Mark II and has begun to recognize the special place in the market that they created for themselves with the release of their camera. This is gold to them.

Any notions being spread around this discussion that it would be cost-ineffective for Canon to further improve this unit, I think, are absurd. There is money to be made in "them thar hills" with increased unit sales, lens sales and increased market share, and you can bet Canon recognizes this. Heck, Phil Askey just gave us all free upgrades to our user experience...why?...more happy eyeballs means more ads viewed means more profits all around...everybody is happy, everybody wins. It's called caring for your customers and tending to their needs. Good business sense is what it is. This is how things get done at the grown-up's table.

Jimmy G

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