Got a repair estimate for my 3 faulty SDM lenses ....

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Got a repair estimate for my 3 faulty SDM lenses ....


For those who got a "chance" to read my previous posts regarding my 16-50 + 50-135 + 300, all DA* with faulty SDM:

I've got a written estimate yesterday and guess what? All the 3 electric motors should be replaced + their mount..! The 3 of them! Unreal!
Cost of repair is $550... Out of warranty of course. No comment...

I had a conversation with a technician last Friday, he told me that the main cause of faulty SDM AF is a bad mount for the small electric motor. He said a 25 cts piece of plastic is the reason why my lenses were not working, the mount was slightly moving out of its tiny attachment to the internal body, therefore the electric motors were out of place and unable to rotate the AF ring.

He also told me that in some cases, the electric motor has burnt because of that.

As you can imagine I am extremely upset about it. Not only I have to spend $550 for a repair not even being sure that will be the end of my worries.

I don't understand why Pentax has never try to help me to correct their own mistake even if my 3 lenses were out of warranty for a few months only.

I am not here to use this forum as a place to destroy Pentax image but I should.

My 3 lenses will be repaired and sold right away. Will I stay with Pentax? Probably not, would you really after such a bad experience and service?

No need to say what brand I am looking for.

If you got little troubles with your SDM lenses under warranty, please sen dit back to Pentax, don't wait.


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