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Re: The K-m sold

nosnoop wrote:

Aristophanes wrote:

According the latest industry stats, since this time last year, Pentax market share went from 5% to 4%.

Is this for US or world wide? This certainly contradicts the stats from my source. OTOH, I could not validate or access your source since it is subscription based.

It is worldwide from known shipment, but does not average from inventory (the distribution black box). Correlated with sell-throughs.

OK. So you're now saying it was not a big success.

Of course not. But it was more successful than K200D. So the market share has gone up since the release of K-m.

To figure the state of the market out, I often use Flickr camera finder. Why? It's an enormous, aggregate database of camera use by body and activity, with decent temporal graphs.

The K-m does terribly, even curve accounting for its relative newness.

What that says is the D40 whupped the K-M's butt despite being 2 generations older.

Exactly what I said. Canon and Nikon can sell ANYTHING with their brand name on it - even a camera 2-3 years old. Many buyers just walk in and just buy them without ever checking any other brands.

If you want to compete with Canikon, you cannot make a mistake. The K-x makes mistakes.

K-x cannot compete with Canikon directly. At most, it is fighting for #3 position against Sony and Oly. Many buyers simply would not consider anything else other than the big 2.

I totally disagree.

First, you have no choice but to compete with Canikon as they will target YOU.

You have no choice.

Oly and Panasonic have their method in M4/3 and it's rocking the boat.

Pentax can compete and they should. They have the legacy, brand and excellent camera engineers. Their marketing department is somehow close out of the loop between product development and the bean counters. Things were cut that should not have been. The quick development from the K-m to the K-x suggests they didn't get much pre-market feedback. Or (and I suspect this is the case) they only vetted the Japanese market, not the more spec conscious N.A. and Euromarkets. This is a frequent problem with Japan-based companies.

Flickr would not be a very good indicator for low end DSLR. Many of the buyers have never heard of Flickr.

I beg to differ, It is one of the single most hit websites on the planet. It's aggregate stats are the industry's hidden secret for trend-spotting.

Yeah sure. According to Flickr, K10D is the most popular Pentax DSLR by far, and there are almost the same number of D40 users as D90 users. How much does that correlate with real life sales stats?

The K10D was Pentax's huge success; the D40 was low end and smoked at price points. It really opened the DSLR price wars and took the game to Canon. The D90 is expensive.

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