Olympus future - Technical limitations?

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Format is not pertinent anymore.

There seems to be a lot of people who divide the dSLR market into full frame, APSC and four thirds as if these are all standards that are of any use to the end user. These people are probably still living in the film age - when the availability of 35mm, 120 roll film or APS film cartridges restricted your choice of format to some extent.

You don't but a 35mm 'full frame' system, or an APSC system. Rather you must buy a Nikon 'Nikkor', Canon 'Eos', Pentax 'K' or Sony 'Alpha' system, all of which are incompatible competitors. It is peculiar that the dSLR market is mainly divided between several derivatives from legacy 35mm camera systems, none with any material advantage over the other in performance and all of which have a similar form factor due to the constraints of the obsolete film size. Therefore the great number of APSC classed cameras deployed (or indeed full frame 35mm) relative to 43rds does not translate to the same advantage of economy of scale or the installed user base because the APSC and and 35mm are split between several incompatible and closed camera systems. 34rds by comparison is an open standard.

As for the future of four thirds, many competent cameramen who really know their onions choose to shoot with the smaller format. If you need a bigger sensor, I understand Leica do a very good DSLR in the form of the S2.

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