Three things of the Kx impossible to believe

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Re: K-x AF, illuminator light, no AF points in VF

imp0act wrote:

gkreth wrote:

From what I have read, the K-7 has finally addressed the AF issue. I wish Pentax had taken the same approach with the K-x. Yeah, I know, it's the K-m body, and Pentax probably could not retro-fit the AF-assist lamp. But the SAFOX II didn't just magically become better.

The K-x shows promise in some areas, but if the AF is the same as on my K10D, then I'll just have to wait for the price of the K-7 to come down.

Why would the AF be the same as the K10D? It bet it will be a lot better than K10D, and definitely at least as good as the K-m/K7.

Well, that's a good point, and one that confuses me.

I know that the K10D focuses faster than my istDL. And I also know that the K100D focuses faster then the DL, but slower than the K10D.

But all three use the SAFOX II engine. So why is the K10D faster?

Speculation at the time was that it was because the K10D used a Li-Ion battery, instead of AA batteries.

But that doesn't explain why the K100D focuses faster than the ist DL.

You would think that, if Pentax was tweaking the SAFOX II engine, that they would changes the name, e.g., SAFOX III, or IV, etc.

The K-7 uses the SAFOX II+, the "+" being the additional sensor for tungsten lighting.

So, I am hopeful that the K-x will AF as fast as the K-m, and maybe even as fast as the K-7.

But I'm still left wondering WHY .

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