If only that lens fitted on my Camera...

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Craig Jewell
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If only that lens fitted on my Camera...

Before I start. In the strongest possible terms, I do not want this to become an us-versus-them and or flame-heavy thread. It is meant to take a light hearted look at what lenses people have used that they would love to have on their pentax.

It is not meant to be a stage to air you grievances about gaps in the pentax lineup, so please don't use it as such.

OK, here are my wishes for my K10D.

I recently moved to Sydney for a 6 month secondment for my job. I am sharing a house with an old friend who just happens to also be a photography nut like myself. However he is a Canon shooter. This is not a problem really, because he believes that it is what you do with it rather than what brand it is. In fact he has been known to rave about the results from my K10D.

Anyway, he just happens to own some very decent glass and a spare camera, which I have become quite attached to since he said I could use it any time. I have been using a EOS 40D and 30D with the canon glass. To tell you the truth, although they are both fantastic cameras, I still prefer using my K10D. Perhaps this is just because I am used to using it, but I do prefer the control layout and ergonomics. I also find that the images from the canon require slightly different raw processing than the K10D to get them them just how I like them.

Anyway, this is about glass, so here goes:

Canon EF 300mm f/2.8 IS USM
To put it mildly, I am absolutely smitten with the canon EF 300mm f/2.8 IS USM.

It is an absolutely stunning lens which is razor sharp edge to edge wide open. Bokeh is up there with the best. Contrast and colours are also fantastic. Autofocus is almost instantaneous on both the 30D and 40D. In my opinion everything about this lens is exceptional except the hefty $4,600 price tag. You know what? Very surprisingly, I actually don't mind the weight at all. I suppose this might be different if it was bolted to a 1D Mark III. But I have been using it on my monopod and have spent 3x 6-8 hour days (in the past 2 weeks) mostly on my feet, carrying the 30/40D with the 300mm and my K10D with and Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 and about 4 other non-telephoto lens in the bag (Lowepro Phototrekker AW II) and a tripod. Pehaps I am a sucker for punishment, but I have not once felt the urge to be teleported back home to rest. I have also found the 300mm to be quite handholdable with the IS on. In short, I wish this lens fitted on my K10D!! Admittedly I have not tried the FA 300/2.8, but if it is anywhere nearly as good as the Canon 300mm then I might have to start saving my pennies for one!

Canon EF 500mm f/4.0 IS USM

No this one is an enterly different beast than the 300mm to use. when I say beast, I mean it. Very non-handholdable and not what I would readily carry around, but it would be fantastic driving by car to a good surf beach to use it. It is stunningly sharp contrasty wide open and focus is also very fast. I have only used it a few times on a tripod with a Wimberly sidekick gimbal, but enough to know that I'd love to have this one for my K10D for just-incase ,assuming that I had the $6,500 price tag.

Anyway, lets hear it from you.

Remember no whinging, complaining, trolling or flaming!

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