Giving a lot of thought to the D300S versus the 7D...

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Re: What if...

Eug wrote:

Anyways, most reviews I've seen say the 50D has slightly higher resolving power than the 40D already, albeit not by much.

Remember, you have to quadruple the pixel count to double resolution. If that ratio holds, then doubling pixels increases resolution by 50%

Going from 12 to 15 is a 25% increase, equaling a 12.5% increase in resolution, which is always hard to see. This point was made when Canon went from 8MP to 10, an increase of 25%, and is observed in any 25% increase -- why it suddenly became a big deal when comparing the 50D to the D300 is anyone's guess (though I blame the "birthers" and the "deathers") [That joke will only be understandable to Americans, BTW]

And while I'm here, I think that's why the 7D is 18MP -- it's a whopping 50% increase over the D300, and will produce immediately obvious higher resolution.

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