lens advice....should i get the 24-105?

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lens advice....should i get the 24-105?

HI everyone. First time posting. Been visiting the site for almost a year, and I'm hoping you all can give me some advice on my situation.

I've gotten the go ahead from my wife to buy a new lense, and I'm having trouble deciding which way to go. I'm shooting with a T1i, previously had an xsi, but gave it to my dad (along with the 18-55 IS) when his sony slr got stolen and wanted to convince him to go with a canon. The lenses I have are:

canon 35 f2
canon 50 f1.8
tamron 28-75 f2.8
sigma 10-20
canon 55-250

I recently got back from my honeymoon (Alaska) and started reviewing the info on exposure plot, and it confirmed that I tend to shoot wider (landscapes and architecture) and at higher apertures. I used the tamron most of the time and had no complaints, but a lot of shots were right at 28mm, which makes me think having something wider would have helped. Outside of travel, I generally shoot landscapes and people (which ends up being indoors usually).

Here are my questions:

1. With the lenses that I currently have, would adding/upgrading to the 24-105 IS be a good choice? I'm perfectly happy with the quality the tamron produces, but I'm wondering if the IS and the added range of the 24-105 would be beneficial for what I shoot.

2. If I went with the 24-105, would it be worth keeping the tamron?

3. Do you guys have another alternative lens that I should be looking at to round out my lens kit (macro?).

Anyone that has had both or uses both the tamron and 24-105, please let me know what you think of each as well.

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