Would you exchange 400D for 450D for free?

Started Sep 18, 2009 | Discussions thread
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450D (with reservations) :-)

I owned the 400D before switching to the 450D earlier this year and would recommend you make that free swap! the 450D is not all great (see below) but the viewfinder is a big improvement, the controls are slightly more logical and the IQ is definitely improved, especially if you shoot RAW. With the 450D its worth ditching the kit lens and getting something better, which I guess you'll already have done if you like night time skyscapes.

SD cards are fine, yes you'll need new batteries, but they last longer on the 450D, a lot longer if you don't fiddle with the live view much.

Now my questions:

  • Is hig ISO performance at least on pair with 400D?

Yep, ISO noise is not a limiting on the 450D versus the 400D up to 1600 ISO. (1600 ISO is all you get!)

  • I have heard about some over-exposure problem - is it a big problem? My 400D exposes OK for me.

Yes it is a problem. It's a pain in fact. Sometimes I'm maxed over at minus 2 compensation and still struggling to prevent it from blowing highlights. But that's very rare and there's always manual. I usually have minus 1 dialed in. My 400D underexposed badly. Canon just don't seem to understand metering.

  • So now generally - if you would have the possibility to get those two exchanged for free, would you go for it?

Yes, despite the overexposure issue, get the 450D, shoot RAW and you'll definitely notice a considerable difference in IQ which will really help in night time sky shots. The liveview also allows for very accurate manual focusing on a tripod which should also make a difference to your starscapes.

Hope this helps.

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