Bee-eater with a pre-prod 7D

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Re: Excellent demo

jeminijoseph wrote:

I'm little worried that none of the testers are really excited about 7D AF tracking.

Look a bit harder.

I used the "Extended AF point" setting most of the time, which I think worked really well.

My experience from other DSLR cameras is that the focus often "jump" to the front wing when it comes near the selected focus - in this case, the eye of a goose. With the 7D, the focus seems more stable and are not so easily distracted and stressed.

I also tested the AF-system when shooting a fast moving radio controlled car (gasoline powered). It was pretty hard to follow this car with my 300mm, but the autofocus did a great job. I got many crystal sharp pictures, in situations where the car was heading straight toward me or across in front of me.

As a summary I would say that the new AF-system in the 7D is very impressive, and I will rate it as the best AF system I have tried (including 1D/1DS Mark III) .

Is that not excited enough?

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