Expodisc - How many of you rely on it for WB?

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Re: Simple, just spend the $4 and do the comparison...

I don't carry 5 different sizes, because I don't use the the $4 ones or the Expodisc as I found them both quite useless for what I do. The white/black/grey card does it "almost" flawlessly, plus speeds up my PPing. I'm also seeing the D700 auto-WB doing a terrific job where even the card procedure doesn't change much.

I'll just make one more comment where I feel the card is the best over WB discs. When shooting indoors and the lighting is power cycling if you use the WB dics to set your WB when the power cycle is at the peak and then take the picture off power peak they just won't match good at all, might as well use no WB disc at all. When I take critical photos the card is in the picture that I take and crop it out later. With the card it doesn't matter if the power cycle is at peak or off peak as the photo and card at the same light level.

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