How to Stage lighting with 2xAB1600 PLM 180 degree 64 inch white umbrella & 1 SB800

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How to Stage lighting with 2xAB1600 PLM 180 degree 64 inch white umbrella & 1 SB800

I need some help in deciding the strobe/umbrella positioning for an indoor stage program. The stage is large about 60 feet wide and 40 feet deep. Its illuminated by lot of incandescence lights and there are some colored spot lights too. I want to suppress the ambient light to about 50% and that I will do with selecting proper flash to ambient ratio in my exposure setting. Here is what I have;

2xAlienBee AB1600 Strobe

with 11 foot stand and Paul C Buff's 64 inch PLM white shoot thru umbrella and japanes lantern 180 degree diffusion back cover.

1xSB-800 that I want to keep with me on/off Camera for candid shots of the audience.

Set of Radiopopper Jrx receivers for each of the above light

Nikon D70 (Can afford to set it higher than ISO 200 due to noise)

80-200 2.8 nikkor and 50 1.4 nikkor and 24-85 3.4 nikkor

Sekonic L308S

My question for you guys to help with is How do I position the 2 PLM umbrellas on stage to cover it uniformly without significant light fall off from side to side or from back to front ?

One option is to put the umbrella's in front of the stage left and right but the potential problem is that light will fall off towards the rear of the stage(all though I can try to feather it to reduce the difference) and the two umbrella in the front may look obtrusive to audience. The other option is to put these on left and right side toward the middle of the stage depth, but I am not sure if this will cast shadow to the person in the sides and shadow on the faces who are on the front of the stage. The third option is to put these diagonally opposite, one at the rear left of the stage and other on the front right feathering a bit facing each other.

I am not sure which one will work best. There is no stage rehearsal that I can try these prior to the event.

Could you guys please share your experience of best position for the umbrellas? I am more interested in your real hand on experience than your opinion.

Thanks in advance..

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