Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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NickMJr wrote:

ohyva wrote:

NickMJr wrote:

In my opinion, the only fair way to compare images would be for dpreview to only use the RAW converts that are produced by each one's manufactures. Lately, even dpreview has come to realize that Nikon's RAW conversion software like View NX and Captiure NX produces a better image that ACR.

Nick, a question to you: Do you want the camera manufacturers develop better and better sensors, or do you prefer they put their focus more to develop the RAW tools to hide the truth of their sensor quality as well as they can?


I personally prefer they focus more on the sensor development, and I have the full freedom to select the RAW tools best match my needs.

Well I would say if Canon is developing a new sensor, then wouldn't they know best how to convert its own RAW file better than a third party which first has to learn about the new sensor first? My bet would be that manufacturer knows its sensor best.

Here I see the "common RAW tool" in the camera comparison to serve best.

Most consumers, would not be purchasing a third party RAW converter, such as ACR when they are provided with the manufactures RAW converter software. Therefore I still believe dpreview should be using the native software.

Well, I guess you missed my point. I prefer the camera manufacturer to improve their sensors and through that provide us the best image quality, instead of being lazy with the sensor technology and hide the problems by developing the RAW tools, or even owrse by putting more and more processing on the RAW data before the 'RAW files' are written to the MC.

For me the RAW processing workflow is so important, I'm willing to take some penalty in IQ to keep the best workflow i.e. the tools allowing me this workflow. This of course then demand the sensor really RAW IQ is improved so that I can get benefit of this IQ improvement with the tools I prefer to use.

Any IQ improvement only available only by using some specific RAW tools from the camera vendor is not what I want.

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