Would you exchange 400D for 450D for free?

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Would you exchange 400D for 450D for free?


first - sorry to not properly do search on a forum to read tonnes of possible posts, but I have to decide in 2 days. I am a happy owner of 400D. My brother bought new 450D, and wanted to adapt it to astronomy purposes = exchange some filters inside = break the warranty, so he made me an offer to give me his 450D, and use my 400D to do the astronomy job.

Now while 450D is logically newer, I have some questions to ask, but lets start with plusses vs minuses:

Possible plusses:

  • newer body

  • better (?) AF

  • better (?) viewfinder

  • spot metering

  • a bit faster

Possible minuses:

  • Higher megapixel = larger files, more noise

  • Live view on 450D is said to be useless anyway

  • New battery - will have to buy new additional bateries

  • SD cards - a bargain price, although I got used to CF

  • different button layout. I hope I can still have ISO linked to up arrow button. Hopefully I would get used to new layout soon enough ...

Now my questions:

  • Is hig ISO performance at least on pair with 400D?

  • I have heard about some over-exposure problem - is it a big problem? My 400D exposes OK for me.

  • So now generally - if you would have the possibility to get those two exchanged for free, would you go for it?


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