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John, interesting

John, interesting
Are your talking about the OLY 7-14 or the Panny m43 7-14?

Either way, you are living ... where I eventually want to be.
7-14 on a separate small m43 body.

With a Wide like the 7-14 had a feeling the LCD and auto Level would be a good feature.

Still will have to wait for a OLY m43 PRO body with EVF and Panny AF, OLY m43 7-14 ... and a walk around 20mm (or wider) f2 (or faster) HG or SHG lens.

  • imho, m43 is PERFECT for a lens like this ... it can be Smaller, and Faster. and shooting from the LCD in general would not hurt, it might even be more creative.

My dream is to shoot the 7-14 from the hip or lower with Fast Panny AF Face detection tracking the subjects walking down the asle or towards me or on the beach. on a small m43 body and a 7-14 that is fast but not too large.

John Mason wrote:

on my recent vacation

I loved the large rear LCD with auto level on the e-p1 with the wide zoom.

I switched back and forth so often, I really enjoyed not having to take the time to switch lenses. The e-p1 may be Oly's sharpest sensor right now too with the weaker AA filter.
John Mason - Lafayette, IN


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