Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Re: Yeah blame the marketing.

carlk wrote:

Whether you need 18MP or 3+MHz is one thing but to say less MP or slower clock rate will give you better performance is another. Even when you buy the latest Core i7 960 the main selling point is still higher clock rate than the previous version of Core i7. People who say less MP or slower clock rate is an improvement got it all backwards.

But Clock speed is not the only determining attribute of a processor core I have reduced clock speed in a core to remove wait states and so make the whole thing execute code faster. You need to understand their are multiple parameters

I think it possible that Canon would push for more pixels than is the technically best solution (balancing all factors) for marketing reasons. And if it sells more cameras why not?

Lets take a parallel, ultra low profile tyres. I have known car companies stick ultra low profile tyres on their cars, even when the engineers can show that the standard profile tyre offers better grip and balance on real roads, just because it looks good for marketing/show.

Why would cameras have to deviate from this?

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