Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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That might be true if ACR was identical for all cameras, which it is not. They interpret the RAW file as they feel best for each model - nothing says that the job they do is identical (or even equivalent) between camera brands.

ohyva wrote:

NickMJr wrote:

SO you prefer DPP cause you feel its better, many people use Nikon Capture NX cause they feel it does better. With that in mind why wouldn't dpreview use each manufacturers software when comparing image quality?

Because they want to compare the sensor technologies as part of the camera technologies, not the RAW converter technologies. Would be IMHO too easy for the camera manufacturers to hide the nasty truth of the sensors if they could control the tools. Now they have to instead either make better sensors, or (IMHO unfortunately) make some processing to the RAW files before written to memory card.

I guess nobody doubts when having the best RAW SW technology in hand, a better sensor is able to produce better images. But too much variables in a test just kills the reliability of the test.

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