Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Re: Yeah blame the marketing.

You are over simplifying things greatly. When all CPUs were single core, MHz was indeed a major factor in determining performance. It was the move away from simple CPU architectures (things like multi core, hyperthreading, mutli level cache and just as importantly, the way in which all these components in a CPU talk to each other) that made it less relevant to talk only speeds.

However, since you think that this is an analogy to camera MP, the truth is still that MHz means performance. A dual core system with faster clock speeds will generally outperform a quad-core with slower clocking, for most applications. It is only when you get into very specific environments that more cores makes up for faster clocks.

The move away from labeling CPUs by clock speed is more a reflection that the situation is more complex than that, than it is an admission that clock speed is not as important as ever. And people rarely upgraded computers for faster clock speed CPUs - the upgrades came as CPU families added enough power to make it worth upgrading. Of course this really has nothing to do with camera resolutions.

KALEL33 wrote:

carlk wrote:

That is getting a little old don't you think?

You can also blame the marketing people at Intel for making fast iCore 7 or at Nissan for making the 3.5sec GT-R. These are nothing but tricks to sell more products. Is that what you're trying to say?

Thanks for bringing up Intel marketing. Intel used to push their speed of processors in mhz to get people to buy new computers. It didn't make much of a difference to increase the speed when there were many other factors that made a bigger difference. Have you noticed that they don't show the mhz speed anymore....because they are slower than when they pushed the speed. It was all marketing, more mhz meant better computers just like the camera marketing is MP equals better image quality. It's worked, people buy cameras all the time based on the number of MP because they think that's what dictates a better camera. Really, a vast majority of non-professional shooters need no more than 8MP. If I end up buying the 7D then I'll shoot at 10MP, I don't need anymore than that. I could still print a 16x20, even when cropped some, that looks great and nobody could look at it and say "I can tell you don't use all your MP".

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