Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Re: Dunno?

rwbaron wrote:

What is the above supposed to mean? That's like saying a 4 cylinder engine still does not produce as much HP and torque as an 8 cyl. It's basic physics. FF will always show an advantage over crop with the same technology applied to both but lowering pixel density on either will not necessary provide the results you think it will.

Think about it: what happens if you slice the 5DII sensor into two parts?

You will get 2 senors with the size of ~1.6x crop, which will have identical image quality as the 5DII - but less resolution.
Now imagine if Canon applies the latest tech to these two sensors.

They might actually have better image quality than the 5DII - but less resolution.

Or maybe they can add some extra megapixels and keep image quality the same as the 5DII.
This would be a fair compromise, IMO.

But what does Canon do instead - cram more and more megapixels.
These tiny crammed megapixels will never have FF quality. Sorry.

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