Who has pre-ordered a 7D?

Started Sep 17, 2009 | Discussions thread
Julio Veteran Member • Posts: 4,886
Me...local brick & mortar store

Everyone here in Vancouver Canada is toeing the suggested retail price line atm except for one store (Lens and Shutter) that has it $100 cheaper... I went with them on general principle even though no one, including them, here is selling it for what $1699 US should be in CDN ($1799 would be closer.) It's $2099 CDN everywhere except at L&S.

The major local DSLR discounters (Future Shop and London Drugs...don't ask) have just ladvertised it and started accepting pre-orders this week. Everyone is quoting a tentative delivery date during the week of Oct. 5...coincidentally, the week my 60th b'day falls on... I was thinking of a treating myself to a cruise but then the 7D was announced

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