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Re: Really Right Stuff Flash Brackets

AndyWright wrote:

Just received the RRS WPF-1 and having fun with all the ways I can use it.

I've got a 20D and XTI and it's pretty quick to slip it off one camera and onto the other. I match the 20D with a 550ex speedlight; or my XTI with a 220ex flash. Both are very balanced and easy to hold in one hand. Nice flexible arrangement for tripod work too, flipping from portrait to landscape orientation.

For real fun I bolted a RRS plate to the bottom of my G10 and paired it with the 220ex. Amazing fun, ultra-light camera/flash set up. Works great. And it looks pretty cute too.

RE: Alien Bees

I have been using them for a over a year to shoot interior. PC sync to one Bee and the other unit fires (optically triggered) as a slave unit. That has improved my interior photography 100%. Now I'm thinking to add the 550ex with RRS bracket on the camera body and trigger both Aliens for a three flash setup. I'm still very much a beginner, but continue to experiment.


Currently I have the 580EX I and the 430EX I now the the 7D has been anounced I am seriously considering pairing it with my 30D.

I have added a few umbrellas and a small light box to my arsenal but I never seem to have the time that I want lately to really "play" with everything. I got a buddy of mine that is willing to model for me. My family is tired of me pointing the camera at them... LOL but I keep marching forward. Been reading the strobist and I like the idea of minimal lite wieight set up which for me (for now) pushes something like Alien Bees back further on the list. I would love to get maybe one or two more speed lites cant seem to find a used 580EX at a decent price for what I have seen on eBay I might as well pick up a new 580EX II or 430EX II anyway happy shootin'

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