Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Re: Think broader - Your case not proven

carlk wrote:

Canon apparently has sensor design and process technology now that enables them to move to 18MP sweet spot. This is the direct answer to the question why Canon does not make the camera with less MP so they, the armchair designer as you said, can compare. Canon (of course) already knows the answer.

Or, Canon's marketing department felt they can sell more 7Ds with a 18mp sensor rather than with a 12mp – regardless of ISO.

Better image quality is not necessarily the motivation behind putting 18mp in the 7D (and 15mp in the 50D).

In general, as megapixels increase, there would be a point where some people will start getting put off by all the megapixels and would just prefer to have less.

Instead of pushing everybody to use high megapixel cameras, I’m hoping that marketing departments will realize that they can also sell cameras with less megapixels.

Not everybody wants to be pushed to use 20mp and 30mp cameras.

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