Who has pre-ordered a 7D?

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Re: Who has pre-ordered a 7D?

I was anxiously awaiting the Canon announcement right at 9PM on the 31st. I had read they would do the announcement around 7AM in Europe so I just kept my eye out. Sure enough it was announced and Amazon had it up on their site. I spent a few minutes waffling on the purchase decision and then went ahead with it.

I am somewhat concerned because people seem to have had a lot of trouble with Amazon and pre-orders. I purchased the lens kit so I am hoping that doesn't set me back even more.

In any case, I am going to buy from the first place that has them in stock. B&H is on my list to watch out for.

Jeff Peterman wrote:

When did you see the announcement? I assumed that the item wasn't available for pre-order from Amazon until the morning of September 1, Eastern time. Now, you have me wondering. Maybe it was from 12:01 am Eastern on September 1, in which case 9:01 pm on August 31 on Pacific time would make you one of the very first on their list.

(I thought I was high up on the list, but now you have me wondering.)
Jeff Peterman

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