Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Re: Dunno?

Wayndom wrote:

carlk wrote:

It really got them a lot of uninformed followers who in turn will just parroting the > small pixel receives less light twisted logic.

While I agree with this thread in general, "small pixels receive less light" is not twisted logic, it's fact.

It may be fact, but it's not necessarily relevant, because it is only a fact about individual pixels. When you try to translate it directly to facts about the "image", then the logic is twisted.

It's also fact that Canon has managed to overcome the difficulties with innovative technology like gapless microlenses.

Gapless microlenses don't capture a tremendous amount more light - they can capture some more, but one of their main values is that the better the microlens coverage is, the weaker an AA filter you can use, because aliasing is partially a result of poor effective fill factor. Most of the improvement in the 7D is electronic - less and better quality noise created by the camera, while reading the sensor. it would take 4x as many photons captured to get a stop of read noise improvement, alone.

I'm looking forward to getting a 50D (and if things go according to plan, a 7D also), but I'd still like to see Canon apply the new technology to lower pixel-count sensors. It seems to me that if Canon can make an 18-MP sensor with no more noise than last year's 10-MP sensor, then applying the same technology to the 10-MP sensor would enable it to shoot at still higher ISO's (as they apparently have done with the G11).

The changes in the G11 have nothing to do with ISO; the noise improvement is uniform across all ISOs. Just like the other G* cameras before it with RAW output, ISO 1600 has 16x as much read noise as ISO 100. In fact, I use the EC control on my G9 to obtain higher ISOs, and don't move from ISO 80 until I have pushed it to 320 already (-2 EC).

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