Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Re: The man who can't dance should not blame the unevenness of the floor. /nt

NickMJr wrote:

In my opinion, the only fair way to compare images would be for dpreview to only use the RAW converts that are produced by each one's manufactures. Lately, even dpreview has come to realize that Nikon's RAW conversion software like View NX and Captiure NX produces a better image that ACR.

Nick, a question to you: Do you want the camera manufacturers develop better and better sensors, or do you prefer they put their focus more to develop the RAW tools to hide the truth of their sensor quality as well as they can?

I personally prefer they focus more on the sensor development, and I have the full freedom to select the RAW tools best match my needs.

Here I see the "common RAW tool" in the camera comparison to serve best.

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