Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Re: The man who can't dance should not blame the unevenness of the floor. /nt

NickMJr wrote:

photo nuts wrote:

Don't know about others. But I use and trust ACR. ACR may not be the best converter for each camera, but it is the most level playing field we can find.

A level playing field? When trying to compare two sports cars on preformance, speed and handling does that mean you'r supposed the same third party engine in both sports cars?

If the aim is to compare the aerodynamics or similar aspect in the cars, then yes, it means just that. Plus using the same team of drivers in all the cars. This is btw the method the race car manufacturers develop and finetune the aerodynamics of their products.

If you want to test the full cars you test the cars. Similarly, if you want to test the full cameras, compare JPEGs.

If you want to test who is the best photographer, let them choose the gear and their method freely. Quite like when racing with the cars.

Each test methods has its purpose.

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