Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Re: What?

Carl I would like to see the back to back comparison of same sensor etc technology in APS sensor at 12mp and 18mp and then look at noise and resolution etc with real world lenses.

As I stated, from a personal point of view 10mp is not a limitation for me, noise and dynamic range are. So I wish to see a set of real world back to back tests so I can see on 12x18 prints if there is a difference either way.

What is so wrong with that. And if the 12mp sensor turned in the lower noise or higher dynamic range result then yes I would say it is the better choice over the 18mp sensor. And if there was no difference in those areas and there was a significant advantage in resolution I would say 18mp was the better choice.

All is ask for is a level field comparison. I made no claims I posed the question.

In the real world number of pixels is only 1 parameter.

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