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Re: Non- Minolta flash on D7i- my results

I want to say thank you to all of you who posted to this thread, your help is much appreciated. As I stated in the original post, I needed to use my flash for a 6:30 appointment Friday evening, I ordered the FS-1100 flash adaptor and it was delivered at 4:30 Friday afternoon(sweating bullets for a while). In short, everything went well, although I had to use full manual settings on the flash as well as the camera. In viewing the photos at home afterwards, I am very satisfied with the results, this 7i camera continues to amaze me! I did use the wrong white balance setting on the photos from Friday, but they are easily fixed in post processing. I was asked to come back on Saturday to do more pictures, on those I used auto white balance and the colors came out superb. Other than cropping and sizing, most of them don't need much adjustment. I'm not used to that, having come from the Nikon world, but who's complaining!

Ronald King wrote:

First of all, let me say the Dimage 7i rocks! I've had mine for 11
days and so far I've been more pleased with it than I ever
imagined. Coming from a Nikon 5000, this camera is so much more of
a pleasure to use, I'm in digicam paradise! Now I have a slight
dilema, I've been asked to do some family pictures this coming
Friday and I will definately need an external flash for this event.
I have a Nikon SB-26 flash that I used with my 5000, but I'm not
sure what adaptor I need to mount it on the camera. I did a search
on this forum and only found one thread on this topic and the
FS-1100 was mentioned for using a non-Minolta flash. Can anyone
tell me if this is what I need to mount my Nikon flash on the D7i?
I understand I will have to use manual exposure mode on the camera
and flash, that's fine, but I just need to be able to make the
flash fire. I plan on getting the 5600 flash in the near future,
but right now it's not in my budget, so I need to try and make due
with what I have. Any insight that anyone can give will be greatly
appreciated, I need to order something tomorrow to have it by

Thank you,

Ronald King

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