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Re: Maybe because of the 7-14, or even better a m43 7-14 f2.8 to come :)

Geoff_R wrote:

Dunno about you but there's not much come along in the last year that really shouts out "I must have it". Sure glass is always an issue....but there is some nice stuff from most any of the big boys

I know what you mean.

Let me think ... hmmm... well I suppose its the spate of PC lenses that have most excited me recently. I could use the 24mm and 85mm Nikkors. And that ultrawide Canon .. what was it, 17mm ?? bloody marvelous on paper anyway.

But otherwise, yea, I'm struggling to think of that must have lens. There is so much already out there as is.

To be honest, if someone gave me a blank check with the stipulation that I had to spend it on something different, it would either be some big medium/large format stuff (and there have been one or two nice new lenses released in that field) or funnily enough a pair of M9 bodies with a whole suite of leica lenses. Oh god ... I'm becoming an arteeeste ......

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