Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Think broader - Your case not proven

Canon look to have taken a step forwards in some of their sensor technology and also image processing, congratulations.

What we have not seen is the same level of technical advance in a 10 or 12mp sensor, and we have not seen it under a variety of dynamic test conditions and also with a variety of lenses.

I again recall everyone to the real world and Photo's. With my current camera, 40D, resolution is not a limit in photography, and I print at up to 18 x 12 photos. The technical limits I hit are dynamic range and also noise, be it shadow noise or high ISO noise.

So to answer the question of is more pixels bad news, you need to see two sensors of the same physical size with differing resolution built to the same technology standard.

But I am encouraged by what I have seen of the 7D, it looks a worth upgrade of the 40D and 50D, and strikes me as being the camera that should have been released after the 40D.

But I would just love to have seen a 12mp sensor with the same technology, even if it is just to answer this argument. The 7D on its own does not answer the argument.

So from where I sit, if Canon could offer 12mp resolution with a stop better noise performance than the 7D that would be worth having. there comes a time when there are enough pixels.

And it would be good to see if fewer pixels could result in lower noise for the new technology. If not lets have more pixels. But please lets have it proven on a level playing field, not through chest thumping.

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