using a non-sony flash wirelessly

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Re: using a non-sony flash wirelessly

I use (2) Metz 45 CL-1 handle mounts, and a Minolta 2800, fired with Ebay radio slaves, with the controller mounted in a $10 Ebay shoe adapter. Total cost between the transmitter, 3 receivers, and the shoe adapter is about 50 bucks so far.

I have several optical slaves, but I only use them rarely. The radio slaves have much better range, aren't affected by anyone else shooting in the area, and don't require line of site to use.

The Metz 48 and 58 series, and the Sigma 530 Super, can be used just like a Sony brand flash with full wireless TTL via optical controller in the camera. I'm looking at the 48 as a flash for those times when all I want to carry is a single, shoe mount flash.

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