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Re: Pete...

I'll second every word of what you so lucidly wrote.

David Grabowski wrote:

Janet wrote:

These cameras now are
almost overkill, and all of that is what gets confusing to me. If
you've got a good eye and are creative, the basics are all that is
really needed. But, got to keep up with the times, and explore,
and experience something new! And it will be good! Thanks, Janet


I'm actually from the Oly SLR forum and am just here visiting, when
I noticed this thread and finally this reply of yours. A year ago I
was on the fence as you are now, after 40+ years of film, I thought
it might be time to give this a try. I'd already gone the scanner
route and had gained reasonable proficiency in photo editing, but
my most reluctance was the thought of moving on from medium format.
It took a couple of camera returns to land on what I use, but as
with myself I think you will find the added features in digital
very useful as you get used to shooting digital. You will be glad
you went with the more advanced options of a camera like the 7i.

So anyway, as to film? I shoot both professionally and for
pleasure, I hate the thought of film now, and my pro films have
been in the freezer since April. I will use some 120 now and then
for formal shots, but overall I guess I'm a converted digital
shooter now. I really had my doubts a year ago ! Understand that I
came from a fully manual background, the most advanced camera I
ever owned was the ME Super, but other than that all were fully
manual cameras, and all my medium format gear never even had so
much as a meter.

Think about these sorts of things:

When you needed a less contrasty film, when did you change the
roll, when you ran off the 36th frame? With digital you just set
the camera to low contrast. If it was a bit much, then adjust later
in PS, but you have a good base to start from.

When you needed tungsten film in the middle of a shoot, when did
you change film? With digital you just adjust the white balance. In
some cameras you can do this with a manual reading, and also there
are presets.

How many lenses would you carry to go from 28mm. to 200 mm. and
still have efficient glass? Todays better mid range digitals make
it in one, the glass on some mid range digitals is very good.

Remember shooting a roll of 36 to get the one image or two images
you actually wanted? You paid for the film, you paid for the
processing and two were planned shots from the set and other than
that you either burned up the roll on uninteresting shots or waited
weeks to run the roll out. Meanwhile those two shots are still
sitting there. And if you shot even semi professionally you were on
the edge of the seat till the proofs got back. Then they went for
custom printing, or you custom printed them from there, gone from
sight for a few more days.That is gone with digital, you can review
your shots right there on the spot, keep what you want , dump what
you don't, tweak them till hell freezes over in PS !!!

I've shot family portraits in the studio or out back or on
location. Come back to my computer, the client picks their shots
right then and there after the shoot. Same hour proofing, collect
the deposit check and do the work to the images. What took weeks to
completion from a pro lab is done in a couple of days. My proofing
alone was five to seven days from my nearest pro lab 50 miles away
before with film. And this is not to mention I can pretty closely
match pro lab results right from my inkjet, I just won't sell them,
if to do so would shorten the turn around even more.

We could go on and on with examples like this in these forums, but
I think you get the picture by this point.

Do cameras have glitches and do they require a few work arounds?
Yes, but the convenience and the tweakability, versatility is
unreal, which is why we are willing to pay too much money and still
put up with this.

No chemicals in the dark room. No working in the dark. No waiting
to see if you really got the shot as you thought you might have.

It's worth the move Janet, least it was for me. I sure don't want
to brain wash you, but I would hate to see you pass on something
that might be rewarding to you, because of a firmware glitch.
David Grabowski

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