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Re: ZD 14-35mm blog review

jkrumm wrote:

Likely they make it a 28 equivalent instead of a 24 because that allows it to have very little distortion compared to something like the 12-60,

If you want low distortion, get a prime. If you want a zoom, its usually because you want to ... er ... zoom, and within limits, the more zoom the better. There is a very good reason why nearly all the other manufacturers have gone to 24-70 instead of 28-70mm (and why that range derived from the 35-70 before it)

plus just getting that extra 2mm at f2 might mean weighing another couple pounds

Why should it weigh another couple of pounds (ok ... it probably would if they did make it ... but I still ask the question). I know the Nikon and sigma, and probably the canon 24-70 f2.8 lenses are already slightly lighter with a sensor coverage area four times bigger, yet the Zuiko is only one stop faster. They could make it even smaller than the competition of they chose to.

And with a 7-14 on your other camera...

I imagine many (the majority?) of people using the 14-35 would have the 35-100 on the 'other' camera before anything else. So now you're talking three cameras, and three cameras is a LOT trickier to carry than two.

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