Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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That's the whole point

sandy b wrote:

as I recall dpreview one one of many. Including MANY 50D users. A little revisionist history going on here

A lot of reviewers were essentially just trotting out hackneyed terms, cliches and urban myths i.e. trying to appeal to common beliefs and engender popularity by using populist cliches. If reviewers want to be seen as professional and insightful it would help if they would refrain from making "knowing" statements that subsequently look a bit silly with hindsight.

In the last few years a lot of "internet experts" have come up with pseudo-scientific explanations that put some sort of theoretical cap on the usable resolution for APS-C or other smaller sensors. There is this sort of nodding agreement that only FF sensors should be endowed with higher resolution. All these apparently compelling theories about pixel density, pixel size, photons etc - are all based on the current designs of sensors. In other words they do not take into account so called "disruptive technology" that completely undermines the assumptions these theories are based on. All that happens is that this theoretical cap on the optimum resolution for APS-C sensors will keep getting higher when hindsight proves the previous theories false.

There are many parallels in history. It was widely believed at one time that if trains went much above 20-something miles an hour that all the air would be sucked out of the carriages and the passengers would die. Similarly many eminent scientists pontificated about why heavier than air flight was impossible, not that long before the first flight of the Wright brothers. There were similar theories about what would happen when the sound barrier was broken.

The big camera companies must have big R&D programmes on sensor development. So they will be working on sensors and sensor technology that won't used in production cameras for several years. As they get the chance to play around with these ideas they have a much better insight into what is possible, and what is not. If I remember rightly Canon have openly admitted to having a 50mp APS-C project on which they tryout various methods for improving sensor performance at higher resolution.

Yes Canon probably made a bit of a mistake with the 50D. It was not that the performance was bad or substandard - but probably they should have worked on it a bit longer before they released it. Up until the 50D Canon had always led the way in high ISO performance on APS-C sensors, although the D300 caught up. That the high ISO performance on the 50D slightly lagged behind the Nikon alternatives created a certain effect. All the "experts" who had pontificated that 12mp was a sensible limit, now thought that all their pontifications had been proven right. However, one swallow does not make a summer and it was it a bit ridiculous to base so much on one single camera, whose performance in reality was not as bad as some made out.

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