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Maybe because of the 7-14, or even better a m43 7-14 f2.8 to come :)

Maybe because of the 7-14,

  • or even better a m43 7-14 f2.8 to come

It's that three lens range thing ... 7-14, 14-35, 35-100
and the low distort at 14mm ... on the 14-35

  • this lens is big enough , don't want it to be bigger because of 12mm, f2

I would rather have a SHG m43 7-14 sitting on a smaller body as my wide.

my guess Olympus could make this 7-14 a f2.8 and compete Head to Head with the Nikon 14-24 f2.8 and be both Smaller and Cheaper.

  • OK, that is what I am dreaming of.

NOW that would be a dream PRO set up ...
1) 7-14 f2.8 SHG on a m43 PRO body with a Panny EVF and fast AF.

2) 14-35 f2 SWD on a e50 or e5 that can do clean iso1600 , and show what AF points is locking in CAF. and what AF points are locked in Manual AF.

3) 35-100 f2 "SWD" a smaller verson ... or a 100mm f2 SWD Macro with AF limit switch

imho, on 4/3 Olympus does "need" for PROs, sharp wide open SHG "f2" lens.

Even as TECH improves on Sensors (which it will) ... Olympus needs those SHG f2 lens to bridge any gaps.

And at some point ... there will be a CLEAN iso, that will be enough for PROs. I suspect for most it will be iso1600 , with a very useable iso3200

Just my oppinion,

Big Ga wrote:

Cynops wrote:

Not a bad review... mmm... want want want...

Apart from the AF issues (well .. ok .. and the weight, size and cost...), the thing I just can't understand with this lens is why its a 14-35 and not a 12-35. They took long enough releasing the bloody thing and rehashing the design. The competition ALL seem to have moved to the 24-70mm eff range. Both Canon and Sigma are even on their second iteration of this focal length. And as someone who owns and uses both a 28-70 and 24-70, I know that there is a BIG difference in real life practical use having the additional FOV of the wider lens. Its uncanny how many times I've noticed that 28mm is JUST not wide enough for a whole host of things - get the whole building in ... get all the people in a group ... get that width on a perspective I'm after ... - however its rare that 24mm can't cut it, and when it can't, I usually need a LOT more width anyway.

I'm sure its a sharp lens. But sharpness is only one factor in what makes a lens desirable. My 28-70 is as sharp as they come, but often I hate using it as it frustrates the cr@p out of me. I use it because of the optical qualities I can get out of it, but its a case of I need, need, need, rather than I want, want, want.

Just a counter POV. I understand if for some YMMV.


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