Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Andreas Helke Senior Member • Posts: 1,204
DPReviews error is the concentration on looking at pixels instead of images

RedFox88 wrote:

Greg Pavlov wrote:

Noise levels are essentially identical to the EOS 20D as is dynamic range, this is neither a surprise or a disappointment, it simply means consistency and the maintaining of an expectation built by Canon in the performance of its CMOS sensor."

It was a good comment from DPR except for the included portion above stating noise levels matched the 20D which wis false by about a full stop.l

DPReview is correct - the pixel performance of a 5D and 20D are about the same.

The reviews in DPReview look at pixels instead of images. If you do that the 20D and 5D have about the same noise performance. The about a stop better noise performance of the 5D when looking at complete images comes from the larger sensor area .

Of course looking at pixels instead of images is a pretty foolish way to judge the noise performance of a camera. This too lead to the false claim that the 50D would have worse noise performance than the 40D.

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