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Eugene Powers wrote:

So basically you are relying on DOF more than precise focus because you have no idea where actual jump is going to happen?

That is true.... Precise focus is not possible because of the fixed camera shooting position, the variability of where the horse will pass over the jump, and the fact that camera is NOT likely to lock focus fast enough nor will it choose the horse/rider as the point of focus. As a result, zone focus is the only practical option.

The jump is about 4 meters wide and the horse will jump in a vertical range of up to 2 meters (to cover the rails, horse and rider) above the rail. You therefore know an approximate DOF requirement. The second part of the equation is that you are typically working (on full frame) with a lens in the order 24mm (or wider) focal length - which implies a large DOF for a given aperture.

Since these shots are very close to the camera (a few meters), a very high shutter speed (usually 1/1000-1/2000 second) is required. I like to choose an ISO that will yield about and F8 exposure which will give more than adequate DOF for such images (which reminds me that I should take my light meter to the next show). IMO, overall perceived sharpness is MOST important and to hell with selective focus.

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