Nikon - Falling Behind Again

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Re: Nikon - Falling Behind Again

PixelDave wrote:

Without anyone getting excited, is Nikon starting to fall behind again?

No more behind than anyone else is. Everyone is missing something.

Let's put things into perspective.

D300 - great camera, did very well for its time and impressed us all.
D300s - enough to appease new users, but really not an impressive upgrade.

Canon 7D - This is a pretty big upgrade over the 50D. Definitely a lot more punch with this update.

Jury is still out, but the D300s is still a very good camera -- very possibly better than the 7D.

Sony 850 - 24MP for the masses, if you have good technique and patience I'm sure this camera is capable of producing images on par with the D3x.

No DX mode, and it doesn't work with my F mount lenses (right, as in there are a lot more Nikon lenses than Sony lenses).

Canon 5D Mark II - Again, great addition in the right hands. It might not have weather sealing but this definitely does better in terms of PPI for large prints.

Than the D3x?

So that said, where is the D700x and when do you think Nikon will produce an APS sensor capable of 18MP?

I hope to see a "D700x" soon, but nobody here really knows. I'm not really interested in an 18 MP DX sensor.

I don't see either of these options happening anytime soon. Seems like Nikon has put themselves in a tough spot again.

You don't know, and Nikon is doing alright sitting pat for now. Nikon will do better though if they come out with some killer lenses and a "D700x" next month. Then you will be eating crow big time.
Anthony Beach

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