Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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Re: Well its their site...

rwbaron wrote:

Tim O'Connor wrote:

Ultimately its their site, and they can review and pass judgement on Cameras however they see fit. Imaging resource have their review methodologies and dpr have theirs.

Very true. It's good there are now many alternatives as IMO this site is not the gold standard they once were.

My only beef with DPR is that their recent samples have been very poorly done, and seemingly not very representative of what is actually possible with the camera.

Again I agree. IMO DPR does not have a good photographic representation for detail captured in their examples. Sensors have surpased their old still life setup and methodologies. Their problem is that changing this would create a divide of which cameras could be compared. They can't go back and reshoot with all the old cameras. IMO IR's stills are much more comprehensive and useful.

I think its over the top to claim all sorts of conspiracies of Nikon favouritism, but we are all entitled to our opinions.

I don't think it's blatant but I do see subtle favoritism. I do remember a review from years back where Phil so much as confessed to a soft spot for Nikon and let on a bit of frustration with their inability to compete on sensors and IQ with Canon.


IR has it's troubles too, they keep changing some of their test scenes completely and even the ones they leave the same they don't leave the same, you can clearly see that they vary the exact focusing point a little bit, distance to the scene and even the position of the lighting changes....

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