Zuiko OM legacy lens on a full frame sensor & forest fires in LA

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Ikelite Housing

dave gaines wrote:

I've been absent a bit, working and developing a business idea. I've also been shopping for and found deals on the E-330 and an Ikelite underwater housing to upgrade from my wonderful C-8080 system. I also aquired a good used copy of the little C-5050 along the way. I'm still at it but I'm almost done. And I'm here now.

I'm kinda disappointed you didn't go the E-3 UW route - what made you decide otherwise? Must have been an insanely good deal on the E-330+Housing, or maybe you're getting a lense port or two thrown into the deal as well?

That E-330 will be a dream to use underwater. After voicing my opinion repeatedly about LV underwater, and after struggling with the E-3's LV for quite some time now (underwater), I've completely given up the idea of using LV for framing and pictures underwater. It's just not possible to accurately compose given the shutter lag (and screen blackout) while trying to maintain buoyancy. One of my problems comes from topside photography - holding your breath while taking a picture, so as to minimize breathing and stabilize the camera. Well, when you do that underwater, you slowly rise upward. LOL That method works for one frame, but more than that and your composition is off.

If you ever want to borrow my Ikelite housing for your E-3 and 14-54mm shoot me an email. I have no problems with that at all, as long as I'm not using it there's no reason why you can't try it out!

I've got a few more trips planned in the distant future - Costa Rica + Panama over the New Year, and Peru next May. Can't wait. I probably won't get to take the housing to Costa Rica (size, weight), but we'll see.

Good to hear from you,
'I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.'

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