Will DPReview admit they need to eat some crow?

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My predictions...

ijustloveshooting wrote:

i think we should be quiet otherwise they may do the same as they did in comparison of 500d vs d5000 and d90... i wont be surprised if they claim d90/d300s is better in terms of IQ than 7D despite 7D has sharper and more detailed images like 500D has...

1) If this is a Nikon sensor, they'll fall over themselves and call this a breakthrough, a technological feat. However, since this is Canon, they'll go... 'meh... no big deal... hardly impressive...'.

Before Nikon/Sony had the D3/D900, DPReview considered full frame format to be a dinosaur that is destined for extinction. Of course, once Nikon stepped up to the FX challenge, they started to sing a different tune. Hypocrites.

2) They (particularly Phil) will soon step in with their usual snide remarks.

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