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Re: ZD 14-35mm blog review

Cynops wrote:

Not a bad review... mmm... want want want...

Apart from the AF issues (well .. ok .. and the weight, size and cost...), the thing I just can't understand with this lens is why its a 14-35 and not a 12-35. They took long enough releasing the bloody thing and rehashing the design. The competition ALL seem to have moved to the 24-70mm eff range. Both Canon and Sigma are even on their second iteration of this focal length. And as someone who owns and uses both a 28-70 and 24-70, I know that there is a BIG difference in real life practical use having the additional FOV of the wider lens. Its uncanny how many times I've noticed that 28mm is JUST not wide enough for a whole host of things - get the whole building in ... get all the people in a group ... get that width on a perspective I'm after ... - however its rare that 24mm can't cut it, and when it can't, I usually need a LOT more width anyway.

I'm sure its a sharp lens. But sharpness is only one factor in what makes a lens desirable. My 28-70 is as sharp as they come, but often I hate using it as it frustrates the cr@p out of me. I use it because of the optical qualities I can get out of it, but its a case of I need, need, need, rather than I want, want, want.

Just a counter POV. I understand if for some YMMV.


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