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Exactly. I am not sure if I am over-sensitive to focus accuracy, but I simply expecting absolute accuracy at any distance. All of my E-3 bodies (three) and all of my f/2 glass (2x 35-100, 150, 14-35) have been at least one time for repair or calibration. The Oly service is excellent, they are very friendly, extremely fast (in my case 3-4 business days), but it is annoying for me and for them too. The worse is that I am sure they can do that - they replaced AF modules both in body and lens and calibrated on more distances my (past) 150/2.0 and it focused absolutely accurate. In fact, I never seen that before on any system, after the repair it has been hair accurate on any distance and - even more interesting - using any AF point. But the standard procedure (altough using master devices) is not good enough for longer distances FF/BF as they proof the accuracy on testcharts and all of my troubles were (and are) on longer distances - sometimes on 2 meters, sometimes on 10 meters, but not on 1 meter. The only way is to describe it in detail, provide them with set of test shots with marked target and real focus and force them to calibrate on long distances.

Still I think that E-3 is amazing body and it works and worked sweet with lenses of max. aperture of f/2.8 or smaller - but it should work excellent with high-end glass and it should do that out-of-the-box. Honestly I am pretty tired from attempts to get exactly for what I paid, but as I don't know about any better gear for me regardless on brand (not to mention the Nikon service - worst I have ever seen) I will keep it and hope they will solve that once just perfect. Wish you to get your issues solved definitely and enjoy your gear soon - once the 35-100 works as promised (and expected) it is hard to beat.

btw: it is sad that when I shooted pretty hard and for quite long time with E-300, 14-54, 50-200 and 50 macro, I have no accuracy issues and I started going to service for the first time with the most expensive lenses Oly offers.

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