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Re: ZD 14-35mm blog review

A great user review, one of the best ways how to do that.

I got my 14-35 just few weeks ago and it is stunning lens. During the years I owned and used (in this range) 14-45, 14-54, 12-60, PL 14-50, PL 14-150, but 14-35 leaves all of them in dust. I am amazed how sharp and contrast this lens is, how smooth is bokeh, how distortion-free are images and also with the difference in shallower DOF, which suits my needs just perfect. And I really like the big outer barrel diameter of this lens (the reason why I loved 150), which is very comfortable for me. It is perfect match for my favourite lens of all times - 35-100/2.0. I did not perform side-by-side comparison, but outputs (at 35 mm) looks very similar (including bokeh and colour rendition), which is huge improvement over cheaper standard zooms. Sometimes slower focusing is not an issue for my needs (but still think that best SWD lenses are f/2 lenses without SWD ...). I really like everything on this lens except the doors in the hood (huge design fault) and the 14 mm wide end - with 12 mm it will be much more flexible.

But when discussing this lens I must complain AF accuracy, which dissapointed me again. As I know E-3 accuracy issues with f/2 lenses very well (and hate it), I decided to buy 14-35 in set with another brand new E-3 body to avoid accuracy issues. I was really shocked that Olympus just packs the body and lens together without calibrating or even check them - after initial testing I found horrible front focussing and big accuracy issues also with 35-100. I many times admire Oly service so they did repair and calibration, which solved 35-100 issues, but not 14-35 which still front focuses quite strong. So I will send it again for repair and hope they will solve that and wish that E-3 follower will be free of these issues - it is very dissappointing if superior optics doesn't work because of electronics.

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