Legality of posting your photographs on the web (U.S.)

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Re: Nope.

There are plenty of professional courtesy or "ethics" type issues with sniping or poaching another's shoot. But there is nothing illegal.

The shoot was taking place in a public place. It's legal to take pictures of the shoot and anything that was visible to those who were legally entitled to be there watching and seeing can legally be photographed. Those pictures can be sold. Obvious examples are pictures taken by a news media photographer, freelancer, etc., that are then sold to a news outlet and then sold as newspapers, magazines, or broadcast on TV. Happens all the time.

There is a reason that movies, TV shows, sensitive ads, etc., are often shot in closed areas, on cloased sets, or behind barriers, etc. If we can see it, we can shoot it.

The photographer has copyright of the pictures he takes. The model has no rights that anyone else in that place didn't have. This was a public event. She does have the right to control commercial usage (her right to publicity) but so does anyone else there that is identifiable.

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