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4 GB iMac should be fine

graybalanced wrote:

A new iMac should blow away your G5. 4GB RAM is about the base these days for photo editing, especially as climbing megapixel counts need more RAM to process them. 4GB is barely enough to load the OS and one pro image editor without unnecessary slowdowns.

Slight exaggeration there, methinks.... More seriously, 4 GB is a pretty comfortable amount of RAM to have, especially if you only have Photoshop + a few small apps running at any given time. 4 GB is more than plenty for today's editing needs and for some time to come (at least 2-3 years?).

I haven't been able to induce any slowdowns with Photoshop + images + layers on a 4 GB MBP so far that could solely be attributed to RAM, and that appears to be backed up by numbers given out by the 'top' utility.

The current iMac with 4 GB should be a great editing platform.

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