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The ZD 14-35mm : I am really NOT considering that one

Just want to voice my reasoning on this lens, in order to maybe soothe the pains of others with urgent lens lust for this item...

I am convinced it is a great lens, but I have too many already.

I am so happy with my ZD14-54, that I did not even upgrade to the ZD12-60.

Sure, I like those F2.0 values, but for me they are more useful at longer focal lengths.

And the final factor, is, of course, the fact that for shorter focal distances (though not wide angle), I have all the speed I could ever want, and then some, in the PL25mm F1.4.

I have experienced that if I take the ZD7-14 and the ZD50-200, almost everything inbetween that calls for a focal length between 14 and 50, can be covered with 25mm.

And although it is not a cheap lens (and may be hard to obtain nowadays), the PL25mm is still a hell of a lot cheaper than the ZD14-35mm.

(People for whom the ZD14-35 would probably be most useful are those that must cover some different focal lengths, including wide angle, from a fixed spot in low light circumstances (like the photo spot during a wedding service).
Roel Hendrickx

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