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You're absolutely right.

When it comes to luxury items, then quality is essential. But equally essential is exclusivity. The "best ice cream" isn't a status symbol, because everyone can afford it. It just costs twice the price of the worst ice cream, In other words, seven bucks.

These are status symbols because everyone can't own one. In fact, raising the pice might make them MORE desirable rather than less, since it further limits the group of people who can own them.

Does anyone honestly believe you could market the exact same camera for $7,000 if it was branded a Casio?

And while a $7,000 camera with a $2,500 lens may seem like an obsence luxury to those of us spend weeks agonizing over a $500 lens purchase... it is actually a relative BARGAIN compared to a $28,000 Rolex. Because that's just a wristwatch.

What is ironic is that the owners of these things often feel the need to justify them out of some misplaced sense of guilt. They really don't need to justify anything. But it just sounds better to claim "it's worth it" than to say "I know it costs way too much, but I wanted it, and I can afford it, and it's my money."

So you end up with people TRYING to explain why a $28,000 Rolex watch that can't keep time as well as a $300 Citizen watch can is really "better", and why a $7,000 camera that can't produce an image as good as a $1,000 Nikon D90 is "better."

And if a manual camera is better to "learn on, because it will make you a better photographer" then why do you need a $7,000 manual camera to do it? Can't you use a Canon XS in manual mode and save $6,400?

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